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 visiting a old friend

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visiting a old friend Empty
PostSubject: visiting a old friend   visiting a old friend EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 5:13 am

-walks in front of the large steel doors, stoning for a moment. letting in a sigh as he pushed the doors open again. he knew what lied in there. sparks and gears still echoed through the factory room. red eyes glared back at him. death was across the room, but he didn't care. pushing the door open even more. the light pierced through, showing the large beast of metal. it staggered back, blinded its sensors a bit. before shaking its head. the doors wanted to stay closed. he knew this before, taking a large stone he placed it right against the door, holding it in place-

-the sounds of gears and clanks got louder. as he turned his head to see the large beast charging at him. he waited for the last moment before stepping out of its way slowly. it slowed to a stop as it reached the doors. shaking its head from the blinding light before looking up into the sky. taking a few steps into the world-

-placing his hand gently onto the mechanical beasts foreleg- be calm... you don't have to be stuck in that factory any more...

-the beast started to walk some more. sniffing the ground, the air. getting the view and sounds of the academy grounds-

-moving the rock, the doors closed shut. taking out a note, Omiridian posted it on the doors-

"mechanical, or flesh, steel or bone. gears or nerves. we are one in the same,
one should not be stuck inside of a room, such as this factory for such amusement.
I feel that the doors to all the trials should be open, let the academy run free of life.
these doors shall remain closed until further noticed. the robotics shop shall be moved over into this part of the academy. making room for more classes"
~ signed, Omiridian Icefang
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visiting a old friend
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