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 as they crumble....

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PostSubject: as they crumble....   Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:05 am

stepping out of the forest, walking back to the academy Omidaz could only see smoke bellowing from the castle's ground. coving his face with his forarms, coughing and squinting his eyes as the smoke blew past him. staggering through the dark black fog he kept working his way to the academy. the heat was rising all around him, flames shooting off from the sides of his eyes. the ground was scorching, blazing around him. buildings in a blaze. yet no screams, nothing... he kept pushing through. wanting to learn more. wanting to know why this was happening.

the ground shifted and crumbled under his feet as he took his steps carefully. buring stone and brick fell from the sky around him. small fragments hit his forarms which caused him to brush them off quickly, causing small burn marks. but he kept going, he knew he should run for it. but what if there was someone still there? what if zeb never made it out... questions rushed through his head as he kept trying to push his way past fallen towers and flaming boulders. he finaly reached the steps to the academy's main doors. turning back to the castle grounds. he looked in horrior. everything...was gone....

all he could think at that moment was, how could this have happened?
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as they crumble....
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