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 Omidaz's introduction

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PostSubject: Omidaz's introduction   Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:32 pm

ehhu, where do i begin...
*taking in a breath* well here goes. The name is Omidaz most people just call me omi and i really dont mind i belive my name has to do something with a song but im not sure *rubbing his chin* im into machines such as mechs and robots...that kinda stuff, i took animology because...well i really dont know, just another class i guess, to bad they didnt have any art ones.
*hears a few chirping noises and puts his backpack on the floor* oh i forgot to introduce you to Zeb my pet *two long robot arms come out of the back pack and look strait into omi's eyes* okay okay, partner... she can get very stuborn, she does like the warmth of my backpack and never wants to leave, thats why i never leave her alone...crushed hw and stuff *blushes then looks at the clock* oh well i got to go my time is up and im going to be late to the shop, see ya *waves after picking up his backpack and walking out the door*
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Omidaz's introduction
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