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 Entering: Alma to room 25, 5th floor

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PostSubject: Entering: Alma to room 25, 5th floor   Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:11 pm

First day:

Emotions: Neutral

After walking up 10 flights of stairs reaching the 5th floor, Alma takes in a breath and heads forward to the back of the hallway. She just had to pick the LAST room in the 5TH floor didn't she? didn't matter much at all, it was still a room. Inserting her key into the hole on the knob, she twists, and pushes the door open. Looks like the apartment roomis already furnished. Well thats a good thing. Darklin, her darling ferret, hopped off her shoulder and made his way to the window sile. Alma looked into the rooms, checking everything out, picturing where her things will go. She didnt bring much since she hated cramped places. She lets out a sigh. She forgot she may be sharing the room with another. Hopefully they wont give her much trouble.
Taking a day to settle down, she had all her things put away nice and neatly, and had Darklin's bed beside her bed. He never liked being far from his owner. Alma gets dressed into her night gown, which was a simple short sleeve 3/4 length cotton nightgown that reached to her calves, and let loose her hair before sitting at her desk provided by the school, jotting down in her diary before turning the ligts off and slipping into her cold one person bed.

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Entering: Alma to room 25, 5th floor
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