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 Enter Liara!

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Lady Liara


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PostSubject: Enter Liara!   Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:56 pm

After a few hours of wandering around the school, Liara finally found the interview/introduction area.

"Finally...took me forever to find this place." she said putting her suitcase down and flipping the light switch up to turn on the lights.

"Well, guess I should introduce myself. Hi, my name is Liara Gen, don't mind the 'Lady Liara' part, that's just what my parents called me cause I was such a drama queen, and I guess the name kinda stuck." she began sitting down on the chair near the window.

"I am sixteen years old and I am in the Academy for Water/Ice training and hopefully I can be placed into Wind/Earth. I was originally in Mistery Beings but I only just learned something about myself during my first water lesson: I love the elements and I'd prefer to take a different class, hopefully the headmaster won't mind my exchangement and the teacher, Reve I think his name was, won't mind another student." she sighed looking at her supply list again for Haave Reve's name.

"I'm normally quiet and kinda strict because of the way my parents raised me, they were very wealthy aristocrats, and parties aren't my thing because I can't dance to save my life. But don't get me wrong, I am nice! People always think I'm mean cause I'm so strict..." she muttered staring at the floor a bit before turning back up to the window.

"When in doubt, find me in the library, lake or field cause I like those places...just not the bugs but then again, who does? Well, I guess that's everything. Man can I talk alot..." Liara stood up from the chair and walked back over to her bag on the wall, when a large red bird started pecking on the window.

"Oh! Right!" quickly she opened the window and let the enormous bird in. "Right, before I forget, this is Red. She's a 1.5m tall Firebird. I know, they usually don't come this big, which is why she was left to die on a road where I was traveling. I found her, healed her up and we've been together ever since. Isn't that right Red?" she said smiling over at the bird, who was perched on the windowsill, staring down at some of the other students entering in the academy. "She's very easily distracted...but when she flies me from class to class, she can be as distracted as she wants." she said before shooing the bird back to her room on the 4th floor.

"Alright, time to go unpack...see you all at the academy!" she waved goodbye and exited the room, suitcase in hand, to go find her dorm room.

She poked her head back in. "Oh yeah, one last thing! I'm an avid storyteller so sometimes you'll catch me by the fire telling a story or two!" her voice trailed off as she pulled her head back out and FINALLY headed off to her room.

(man...I overdid it again. Old roleplaying habits die hard I suppose. Embarassed )

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Enter Liara!
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